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Ashikaga, Tochigi, Japan and Springfield, Illinois, USA have been sister cities since 1990.  Over that time 167 delegation of students and citizens have flown across the Pacific Ocean to learn about each other's culture and History and to share hospitality and develop long lasting friendships.

Ashikaga is on the northern fringe of the Tokyo megalopolis.  To the south, about 40 miles distant, is the center of Tokyo and on a clear day the skyline can be seen from Ashikaga.  To the north are green mountains, the foothills of which cradle the city of Ashikaga

Visit the official Ashikaga website

High School Student Delegation to Ashikaga 2024

We anticipate offering our hight school student exchange program in the summer of 2024.  .

A unique opportunity open to Springfield area high school students.

·    10-day total immersion student exchange.  Students will live with a family in Ashikaga

·    Basic Japanese Language instruction

·    ​Meet the Mayor of Ashikaga and other dignitaries

·    Participate in a local festival - Japan Night!

·    Visit historic and cultural sites in and around Ashikaga, including Tokyo

Program dates to be determined but most likely the middle of June, 2024.

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